Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Steve as a ring bearer for a relative's wedding many, many years ago. Isn't he cute?

Naomi was going through old pix today and saw this picture. Are the men at the wedding this Sunday going to be wearing yarmulkes? Yes indeedy! Even Don'tae. No it doesn't matter if he's Catholic, he'll need to wear one. We'll take pictures.

A very busy day here in the Land of Excised Tumors that Hopefully will NEVER Return. First another long run striking while the weather is cool, then took Naomi to the hospital to see her friend's new baby (the new Grandmom still has no idea). While driving back home, a mysterious light appeared. Now I know to ignore the Check Engine Soon! light which has something to do with emissions but this one with its stylized hieroglyphics was a new one. I turn the car off to read the manual. One suggestion: it's the battery-isn't-charging light. It helpfully suggests never turning the car off if one sees this light as the car will never start again. Well too f***ing late for that! But hold on, the light was in a slightly different place. Could be the low coolant light. Now the radiator was damaged in Naomi's recent accident. Surely they put coolant in it!! I left the car for Steve to figure out but didn't give him the right key so that he could actually get in without alarms going off. Went to pick Naomi up and off to the dentist hitting every traffic obstacle possible. The very sweet hygienist is fascinated by Naomi. Her mom was only 17 when she had her, smoking and not eating to hide her condition as long as possible resulting in a preemie birth of a 4 lb child. She is now 5'10", none the worse for wear. Then the dentist comes in with a list of 'trouble' teeth whose fillings are still on their last legs and all should be replaced by caps, which my insurance finds as some sort of indulgence, so it pays little for them. I agreed on the one that actually shows some sign of decay (though fortunately asymptomatic) but said I won't deal with it until after the baby is born.

Naomi came with me to the dentist. The office staff is very nice to her. We go to the Resale shop and find a bassinet in good shape for $100 less than the Baby stores. It works with the heartbeat, flashing lights, vibrating mattress, mobile spinning around though it was a bitch to fit into my microcar. Off to her apartment (the first time I was permitted in since helping her move into it) for an appointment with this State program appointed nurse for those on Medicaid. She wanted me there in case she couldn't answer the questions. This woman ended up being almost an hour late (and of course I had more activities scheduled) but she seems to have lots of useful information so so far, this program is worthwhile. She did wonder how old I was when I had my first child (is she seeing if I was a teenage mom and Naomi is just repeating our trailer park ways?) I said that I was considered 'elderly" by the OBs when I had Naomi (if you are over 35, you are considered elderly) but I had my first right after I turned 26, not as a teenager.
She wondered about the lack of continuity of health care for Naomi. Our insurance has switched several times and now we had to drop Naomi. I assured her that Naomi always has been well taken care of. Naomi had to fill out yet another mental health questionnaire. (least this one didn't ask if she felt that things were getting on top of her? She interprets this literally.. Do they mean Don'tae she asks. He gets on top sometimes...). Their biggest issue? Lack of money. I said that since she was an hour late and we had other things scheduled, we'd have to continue this meeting another time. I race through construction zones and rush hour so
Steve can have a key to deal with the car in time for Naomi to pick up Don'tae from work. Then off to Happy Hour with a friend on the completely opposite side of town.

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