Monday, June 28, 2010


This morning was very hot and humid making running a chore. I tried to go early as I had plans but not early enough. On such days, if I take a shower right after I run, I continue to sweat for a good hour. I ended up showing up to my lunch date with wet hair. Lunch was nice sitting in shade outside with a breeze and catching up with an old work friend.

As for heat, Ms. Dakota is in it. The spaying Thursday will be none too soon. Fortunately she isn't making a big mess like the female pug we once had.

Got some bargain plants and planted some of them in a container. They do look nice if I say so myself. The bedding plants for my neglected front yard will have to wait for coolness. But my patio is now completely surrounded by flowers.

We had a 'birth options' class tonight at UM in which we met all the midwives and listened to their philospophy which jives with mine. Her favorite midwife was on duty birthing babies. Naomi wants so much to go into labor tonight so she can have her favorite but that doesn't look like it's happening. The head mid-wife was telling us how she never tries to predict when labor starts. She said she told a woman who was 4 cm dilated that she would go into labor in a few days but a week later, the lady was still with child. Naomi listened with interest and went up to her and said she was at 4 cm 4 days ago. Tomorrow morning she gets another visit from the public health nurse. I had hoped she'd have the car seat installed by then for the nurse's approval but Naomi said the tornado warning stopped them from putting it in yesterday. I don't recall having so many tornado warnings in such a short time. Yesterday's tornado ripped off the roofs of a few houses near the airport but no one was injured.

Josh e-mailed me from work. So far he is having a good experience in Germany. The town partied hard after the World Cup victory. He was impressed with the Dom, the enormous Gothic cathedral there which is a half-mile from his hotel.

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Holly said...

i am following every moment of Miss Naomi's pregnancy and keeping all fingers and toes crossed for an easy and uneventful delivery.....h


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