Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hummingbirds and eagles

Yesterday in the arb, Steve and I saw an enormous bird. It looked hawk like but much too big for a hawk. I saw brown and white but it had a brown head. I am thinking golden eagle.

So my hummingbird likes the new position of my feeder and visits regularly in the evening every 15 minutes or so. Steve thought he saw the red throat patch (male) but I didn't. They are fun to watch though only once have I seen more than one at my feeder. As I bent down to do some gardening yesterday, it snuck up behind me. I didn't see it but could hear it-sounds like a baseball card stuck in a fast moving bike wheel. I bought more flowers to entice them today. My growing things from seeds in peat pots was a bust. Everything I planted is gone. I am blaming Mr. Rabbit.

Naomi visited a new midwife today. Both of us didn't like this one. We are waiting extra days until we can get the one we had last time who has a good bedside manner. But all was fine and the baby still has its head down though not engaged. Through the rain, we went to the Farmer's Market for my plants. Since it is late in the season, the prices have dropped. We waited out the thunderstorm in the fancy kid's boutique they have there. Prices are 3-4 times as much as Babys-R-Us but the stuff was so cute.

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