Saturday, June 26, 2010

Scattered to the winds...

The little guys waiting for their cousin -maybe when they come here next week, she'll be ex utero

Just 2 weeks ago, almost all of us were together in New York at one table but now..

Nephew Joe is in Japan
His parents are in Mexico
Josh is on his way to Cologne, Germany
Julia is in Chicago
Shanna and her family are in Boston

And we are here in Michigan with the dogs. Sunny  needs air-conditioning but Dakota gets cold so she is wearing a doggy Snugli. I'd take a picture but my favorite camera is en route to Germany.

It's getting warm again and so far, no baby today..just back pain.

I went to the monthly cancer survivor lunch but didn't have time to go to the support groups. I think I have out-grown them anyway. Cancer is way down on my radar screen right now but I wanted to see some of the people I have become friendly with. A mom of a boy a year younger than Naomi who lives in our neighborhood was there. The boy was dealing with a rare type of leukemia at the same time I was in Cancerland and got alot of press. He seems to be out of danger from cancer but has really long lasting side effects.

Josh was over for alot of the afternoon. I was trying to teach him German phrases. He was very resistant but I told him how annoyed the locals get when you speak English without asking if they indeed speak it. I don't want him to be an Ugly American -albeit a very cute one. I made him take a phrase book. He took French in high school. He did very badly and has sworn off learning any language. He was just transferred to a new group at work and it seems they travel: Germany, England and China so he better become more flexible.

Had a nice evening drinking wine spritzers watching humming birds and a possible rose breasted grosbeck.

I awoke to Dakota gnawing on my toes.

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the calm before the storms...


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