Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hospital visit

Naomi and I went on a hospital tour this evening at the ginormous UM complex where I had Naomi as they were the only place that had midwives. Parking is a big problem made worse with all the construction. I actually preferred the other hospital in Wayne County more. I keep thinking any minute with Naomi. I see Maya thrashing about through her thin skin.
Again it is hot and humid. Only strong winds made my run tolerable today and tomorrow will be toastier.

Thunderstorms came through in the middle of the night driving Dakota crazy. I am sleeping ( or more correctly: staying awake with her) as Steve is sick though he was gone for 2 hours running today. He is mad at me now because, believe or not, I allegedly left the orange juice top on loose causing it to spill when he shook it. Can we spell PETTY? All sorts of sighing...

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