Monday, June 7, 2010

Looking to the light

Sunny and Dakota see something outside that interests them both. They seem to be friends now despite the difference in size. Dakota comes to our house after we return from NY. Picture taken by Julia, my DIL.

It's very nice today-Cool, dry and sunny. Good for a long run out in the country. Last week a box turtle was crossing the road that I take to get out there. There aren't many cars on this road but they do go fast. One of them was going to hit the turtle for sure. I cringed as a few cars narrowly missed it. As I picked it up, I noticed several leeches attached to its flesh and one to its shell. Yuck. But at least it wasn't going to be smooshed on my watch.

Naomi was over. Until she can get Section 8 housing, hard to get in these times, she asked if the 3 of them could move in when her lease expires at the awful pit she lives in now. Her friend with the same due date had her baby yesterday and he's now in a NIC unit due to his prematurity. This girl never told her mother about her situation. Naomi's belly gets bigger and bigger but the rest of her remains small. The baby needs to stay put for another month, especially when we are travelling out of state in a few days.


rosieglo81 said...

Hi Sue,
Found your blog on the TNBC forum and thought i'd have a read as your dx sounds identical to my Mum's... Then, when i found your blog I found you are also the same age and have 3 children... Little things that make you feel connected ay? I live in New Zealand and Mum is in Spain. She has told me not to go out there until she has had her operation (3 months away.) Just wanted to see how you were and to say hi really. Stay happy...
Rosie. x

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Welcome Rosie
I had a boss from Auckland. I see that your mum had her chemo before surgery.Good idea so they can tell if the chemo works. They didn't know how big my tumor was until surgery as it had grown since it was first detected. Anyrate, if your mum has a computer, she can read my old blogs. I did get through it all and aside about worries about it coming back, I am fine. Where in Spain?

Sara Williams said...

I love your dogs! I hope Naomi is doing well. I have changed my blog now to

Sara x

rosieglo81 said...

She is just outside Alicante in the south... Mum's grew very quickly too. I'm just desperate for her to recover... How long have you been 'free'? She had just started to lose her hair on Friday and she woke up on Sun morn and it had pretty much all gone! :(
So glad to hear that you are ok... :)
R x


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