Wednesday, June 9, 2010


36 weeks

Turns out that noone has been paying rent on that crappy apartment for 2 months, can I please do it? He'll pay you back....

Don'tae works fulltime at a job paying barely over minimum wage. His biggest expense is paying usurious interest on a non-functional car. We usually pay cash for cars but the one time we financed a $25K car(albeit at 0% interest), our payment was less.

And the rental car sent Naomi a threatening latter still not attaching a dollar amount to the 'damage'. She turned the car in and noone said anything about any damage. Later they called saying they saw a scratch. and they will bill her debit card (which was inactive-good luck with that). We don't trust this franchise at all. I f there was damage, which noone saw when we dropped it off, why now do they claim it is?Steve called the national office of this particular rental place. They said they see paint that was used to disguise the scratch. News to us. They will launch some sort of investigation. It is annoying.

It all saps the energy right out of me.


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