Friday, June 11, 2010


Currently there is a big oncology meeting in Chicago. Information slowly trickles out from there but not a whole lot on breast cancer. Interesting stuff on lung cancer though, the number one killer of women cancer patients. Think you are safe because you don't smoke? For some reason, lung cancer is increasing among female non-smokers. Only 1 in 12 of male lung cancer patients never smoked (including my friend with jaw mets: they are replacing the jaw with a leg bone in a few days) but the number is much higher in women. Estrogen might have something to do with it but presumably we have the same amount of estrogen as we always had or do we?
There is a genetic variant of lung cancer, about 10% patients have it, that is effectively treated by a new drug developed by my former employer.
As for brain cancer, particularly glioblastomas, researchers have developed a device that sends electrical currents to the brain stopping all cellular growth.Now the only cells in the brain that are reproducing would be tumor cells so this is a selective method of treatment. Of course, it doesn't kill the cells, just stops them from growing.

We too can become guinea pigs. Naomi was contacted today about a study that investigates tearing during delivery in young moms. They will provide a doula who will film her privates during labor. She says she doesn't want to see her vajayjay on TV, which I don't think it will be, but she will be paid. She is thinking this over.
And me, I can earn $60 by just answering questions about the side effects of chemo on the internet with no filming of the vajayjay.

I need to pack and deal with my hair today. I will go to a Happy Hour with whatever chemists are left here. I might not be blogging on our trip out east but I will be back.

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