Friday, June 25, 2010

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Why the German? Josh was told today to go to Cologne, Germany for 2 weeks for work. Usually the auto business is centered around Stuttgart so I am puzzled what he will be doing. So I am giving him a guide book and a phrase book. He doesn't know any German other than Danke. Cologne or Koln is a really interesting city. When exploring where to go in Western Germany, I had decided to go there if we were going by train. But by car, taking the wine road through Alsace and the Black Forest made more sense. And Julia already is on route to Chicago with her sister to celebrate the sister's 21st birthday thus Sunny needs a temporary home.

So the weather has been beautiful for the past 2 days. Last night was spent with Julia and Sunny watching Josh play soccer. A very nice night. Unfortunately, he is injured so he can only play goal but hopefully he'll mend in Germany.

No European trips for me until I was almost 50! Shanna spent 3 weeks in France in high school and later in Israel.

Went for an easy run this morning and then spent several hours planting yesterday's purchases. My calla and tiger lilies are now in bloom.

Naomi is on our patio trying to get a tan, hard for a redhead. She's probably just laying down skin mutations leading to skin cancer. She has been warned but chooses not to believe. Later today, a mid-wife visit. Naomi thinks she'll be more dilated today. We'll see.
I wake up each morning thinking this is the day I meet the baby but the contractions seemed to have stopped.

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