Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Old Life

So much has changed since fall of 2007 when I had worked my last day. I've made a few half-hearted attempts to find work but that doesn't look like that is going to happen any time soon.
Things came up: weddings, grandchildren and CANCER.

I don't miss it much especially during the last few years when we spent so much of our time writing goals and then being measured against them and trying to spin this or that, that real work was not getting done. From what I hear, it is getting worse and I need them to get their act together as too much of my 401K is in their hands.

What did I do anyway? It seemed a mystery to even those within the company. At one point, the head of security was cross-examining me many years ago. My boss had been murdered under strange circumstances. He stupidly had tried to rehabilitate a 19 year junkie/prostitute who murdered him by her pimp's orders when the money stopped coming her way fast enough. But corporate security's ears perked up when they found out that a chemist was involved with someone using drugs. Maybe he was making drugs too on the side. I am not sure how they made that leap of logic, not their strong suit as it turned out, but they were going to question me over and over until I confessed to something. Since I knew about the prostitute, I must know more.

Is your boss capable of making a CNS active drug?
(Duh, if he wasn't able to or even if I wasn't able to, we'd be fired for gross incompetency. That's our job. Nothing special about making a CNS active drug-chemicals are chemicals.)

Um, he was the inventor of Me-too-azapam. (an anxiolytic-he had broken the patent of a well known competitor. I knew this was probably in this CV.)

Do you think he is making Me-too-azapam at home?

No, it's hard to make outside the lab (plus if he were making illegal drugs, patent protection would not be a concern. I'm sure he'd find something more profitable and easier to make but I can't tell jerk-off this as too much knowledge is dangerous even though any organic chemist would have the same knowledge.)

He wondered if I might be a prostitute too.
No, I am happily married to a YOUNG, good looking chemist. I am also pregnant (with Shanna).

I stressed that I had this job before my boss showed up. He didn't hire me nor could you blame his boss who was stuck with him and didn't approve of his side activities. Such obnoxious questions that in today's environment, would be highly illegal.

My poor boss didn't deserve to die although he was profoundly stupid for dealing with this woman.

I ran some more and then went to the Farmer's Market to add to my garden. The rabbit eats any sprouts less than 6 inches. Hopefully it will leave the established plants alone.

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