Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peonies and Mountain Laurel

These flowers are so intricate
Wild phlox

Close-up of mountain laurel blossoms

Hot pink peony

Single petalled peonies

Huge pink raspberry blossom. The raspberries are the same size as regular raspberries but have many more cells and have a velvety texture

Hot pink mountain laurel

White peony-we had this kind at home

Pink peony

Yellow centered white

peony gardens at the arb-has the most kinds in North America Smells wonderful!

Burgundy and white mountain laurel

Red laurel

Steve and I went for a walk in the arb today. Mountain Laurel isn't common in Michigan as our winters are too cold but there is a protected glen in the arb full of mountain laurels and its close relatives, the azealea and rhododendrons, which have bloomed already. In Italy its more tropical cousin, the oleander, was in bloom on every street. Too cold here! All these plants have very toxic wood and sap. In the book, White Oleander, the main character dissoved the sap in DMSO which made the toxin go directly into the blood.

We had peonies once on the side of our house. So big and fragrant but our lower level flooded and all the ground was dug up to seal the walls. Peonies do not transplant well. I have replaced them with hostas.

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Sweet Annabelle said...

Hi! found your blog while looking for photos of hot pink mountain laurel. A friend offered me a bush that she is taking out. Have never had one and went online to see how to care for one. Your photos and blog are beautiful, not to mention your family!

Hope your spring is going well!



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