Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tornados! Floods! OhMy!

Yesterday I debated whether to water my new plantings as rain kept being promised. Finally at night it started and didn't stop until sometime this morning. Many areas are flooded. Numerous tornado warnings and sirens keeping us up. A tornado did strike about 20 miles due south of here shearing off the top level of a hotel but everyone had been evacuated before it hit. Josh called at one in the morning saying that he was downtown surrounded by water and didn't think he could get through the 1.5 foot streams surrounding him. Cars that tried it stalled out. I could hear Julia in the car crying. Julia's car (new battery works just fine) was a few blocks away. Somehow they got to that, tried to figure out how to get home avoiding low spots and picked up the stranded car in the morning. Fortunately it is uphill to Dexter and the car was on the other side of the low areas.He said you couldn't tell that anything had happened as the water receded. We had gotten 2 phone calls in the middle of the night: Steve hung up on both of them. Not wise when a certain someone could be going into labor.

Even though it is nice and cool, I went to the gym as I've been running so much. I forgot however that the Dexter-Ann Arbor Race was in progress blocking my route from the eastside to the westside. Maybe when (ha!)I lose the weight, I will run it again. It's a half marathon going through the river valley most of the way. Very pretty! They used to give bumper stickers saying you finished it. I proudly sported that until the car died. Still everyone assumed it was Steve who had run it, not me.

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