Thursday, June 24, 2010

Averting disasters-natural and otherwise

Dakota at 5 months

A rat-cha from the web
Another rat-cha (actually 2 but one looks more like Dakota)

Earthquakes! Tornados! Derechos! No health insurance!

A busy day and night here in ex-Tumorville. Didn't feel the earthquake, the tornados went south of us as did the derecho. Lots of alarms and lightning strikes for the first part of the night. Had more damage here last Friday with our tree branch (huge) falling down and the house down the street bursting into flames when hit with lightning. The health insurance issue seems to be straightened out though it was frustrating that the case worker never returned our calls. Steve went down there in person saying that Naomi could go into labor at anytime and it would be nice to know that she's covered. The woman there looked at Naomi and said that to her, Naomi is too small to go into labor anytime soon but she did give us the right plan that covers UM.
The other day I got a denial of coverage from the dental plan for my recent visit but it turns out the dentist entered it as if it was my plan and it's Steve's plan.

Dakota went to the vet for maintenance shots and a pre-spaying physical. 7.5 lbs. The vet was asked to guess her heritage and came up with half chihuahua: the other half a mix of rat terrier and possibly dachshund to give her coloring and longish back. Rat terriers themselves are a mix of many breeds including the whippet. Teddy Roosevelt invented the rat terrier. Recently a house full of 40 malnourished whippets was investigated and now the humane society is full of them. Their faces look really similiar to Dakota's but they don't have upright ears as she does. I still think she has pug in her. For $60, her doggie DNA could be identified but I remember reading an article about an obvious pit bull/weinmanimer (however it's spelled)mix and the test came up with bichon and boston terrier-not even close.

Today the humidity finally dropped and it is pleasant out. Did an early morning run, bought a few more plants at a big plant sale, and then went to a southern Indian place. Most Indian restaurants I've gone to are the Pakistani type-with meat, curries, tikkas, masalas. This place had completely different foods-all vegetarian. They sold dosas 3 feet across. They also make homemade ice cream. I had anjeer which I think is a type of fig. Other flavors-kesar pista and chikoo and the favorite mango. We sat near an Indian family who was interested in educating us on all the strange food there.

We then went to the Botanical Gardens which are especially nice now. They've openned up a new section for kids that I think Oliver will like with all its activities. They will be here in less than 2 weeks. Hopefully Maya will be out to see them by then.

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