Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hot and humid

Naomi's belly that she took. She can't sit still
My flax. By noon, the sun kills the blossoms but new ones appear overnight

Still is wearing bikinis. She is currently at the local pool trying to cool off having very mild contractions. She has this fanatasy of dilating 1 cm a day and then just having the baby pop out later this week. She's definitely carrying this baby low. My babies were stuck under my ribs so I hardly stuck out-I just looked like a fat person.
Seventy mph winds came racing through last night and we lost a tree that now blocks the running path. Not sure if the tree is on our easement so it would be the city's problem or if it is 'our' tree and thus our problem. Broken branches were scattered all over my path today in the oppressive humidity. Still I met my quota but it was not fun. Until the humidity goes away, my guest has returned.
Steve has flu like symptoms and won't eat so I am keeping away from him so I'll be allowed in the hospital. While I was returning from Happy Hour last night, he called requesting chicken soup (which he had less than half of). At the soup store, I ran into the mom of one of Naomi's former best friends so it was fun catching up. They had done travel basketball together and would go to the Y challenging high school boys for pick-up games. They were very good. After a while though, the boys were more interested in Naomi's body than her game so I had to put a stop to that.
Mom's group tonight! I will go to the Farmer's Market to see if any of the Michigan strawberries are left (much, much tastier than those bland engineered CA big things) as part of the dessert I will make. But it is so hot and sticky, I don't want to use the oven.

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