Sunday, June 27, 2010

More storms and no baby

The tornado sirens were blaring again but the storm was brief. The  dogs were agitated though. I was hoping that the tornado wouldn't hit my daughter-in-law coming back from Chicago but she still was there when I called. As difficult as Dakota is to have around at night, an antsy German Shepherd is even worse. At 6 am, I got a cold nose in my face. She wanted out. It is fun walking the two of them together. Sunny weighs 80 lbs: Dakota 7.5.

I got a broken-up phone call from Germany (in which I could hear only every other word). Josh is alive though missing his luggage. He watched the Germany vs England World Cup Game in downtown Cologne with the locals so I guess he'll get a feel for the place. Hopefully he'll learn a few phrases every day.

Naomi claims to be in constant pain from pressure very low. The baby must have completely dropped. She is as pregnant now as I was when I had her. Still it doesn't sound like she is having regular contractions.

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