Monday, June 21, 2010


Garage sale freebies-Muffy Vander Bears
I am not one for collecting things though it's true I don't throw or give away things fast enough. We have art books and pictures but I am not into figurines or collector toys. The other day at the garage sale when I bought the high chair for $20 (very good condition-cover never had been used), they asked if I wanted 3 stuffed bears for free. Now we still have stuffed animals left over from the kids and I am trying to keep clutter to a minimum but my friend insisted I take these. While I was seeing what the high chair cost new ($60), I decided to type in the tag of the 'snowflake' bear (still has its tags, never used). This thing cost $175 back in 1993 and now sells for $50. The eskimo bear, no tags, once cost $100 and still sells on ebay for quite a bit. The third bear was a collectable'Boyd' bear but was used.
So now the days become shorter and Maya will definitely be a summer baby still safety inside Naomi who believes this baby is too big to stay inside much longer. She is complaining more.
The longest day we've experienced was going to York, England on June 21 2007-it was the fartherest north we've been on the longest day. I don't think we stayed up long enough to see the sun set. Steve had a 3 week assignment in Kent, England and I went there after he was finished to travel. Another solstice day, we flew to Seattle getting up at sunrise here (before 6 am local time but 3 am PDT). It was still light in Seattle when we got there. When I flew to England (from Minneapolis!!!This is what happens when you get tickets at the last minute-nothing out of Detroit left) in June 2007, I assumed since we left at 9 pm, CDT, it would soon get dark but I opened my window to find bright sunshine. As we were travelling above the arctic circle, the sun never set so I guess that was my longest day especially because I was too excited to sleep even though for once in my life, except for short flights, I was in first class and could stretch out with the back and leg massagers on sipping good wine instead of economy class rotgut.
Since Thursday, Steve has been feeling bad and has been barely eating. He believes he has hepatitis though he is not jaundiced and I don't know where he would have gotten it. He thinks he ate some undercooked shrimp at a restaurant a few weeks ago. In general, I only get about a fourth of the crud that comes his way. I would brag about my superior immune system but we all know it let me down big time letting those cancer cells grow. But until he is completely mended (he is much better), I am staying away. I don't want any excuse to keep me out of the hospital for Maya. I do have a headache (what he started with)-an all over one that I sometimes get while tired or dehydrated ( the headaches that involve only one area and are more painful would scare the daylights out of me at this point) but I could run and eat without muscle pain (which he has).

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