Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Dancing at the wedding a week ago with Steve

Well finally the humidity has dropped but I am too lazy to do much. I spent some time with a friend yesterday going to garage sales so now Maya has even more pink things-some really good deals. Stuff a bag with whatever you could for $5. Some of the clothes hadn't been worn and still had the tags. She now has a high chair too.

With my Michigan strawberries, much smaller than the commercial kind so they takes longer to prepare, I made crepes filled with yogurt cheese for our Mom's BBQ last night. Since chemo, I have become a mosquito magnet. They really never bothered me before but it was nice sipping mojitos with my friends lying in a lounge chair out in the country until they came out to attack.

No baby yet though she has intermittant mild contractions. Steve is out getting a digital recorder. We had a Father's and Mother's Day lunch (as I was out of town) today with Josh and Julia. Dakota is back to staying with us along with my friend whose water for some reason has been cut off.

We will see what the upcoming week will bring.

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