Sunday, May 25, 2014

You could be my 100,000th reader!

Shetland ponies at the farmstand on my bike ride. They had a sheep that was the same size as these

Dahlias Dahling

Celosia galore

This place likes to make all sorts of baskets, this is their 'fairy garden'

more conventional baskets

yard decorations from discarded tableware

I went back to buy this. My birds will have a place to take a bath

According to statcounter, I am just 2 readers away from 100,000 readers. I didn't install  statcounter until I had my blogs for 6 months and they miss more and more readers. Some people never show up even though I know they are on this blog. According to the google counter built into this blog, I have more like 300,000 hits but that includes those scamming companies that go around making false hits screwing up pages that depend on hits for revenue. This is not a commercial blog but still I used to get a lot of these hits. Stat counter filters them away.

A perfect day (dry, sunny and not windy) for bicycling! Since I started riding again 6 weeks ago, I've put 256 miles on the bike, the exact amount I will do in the Michigander over 6 days. Lots of animals on my ride today: a lone female turkey, sandhill cranes, a deer just inches of me trying to decide whether it was going to dart in front of me, the fat shetland ponies at the farmstand that I stop at to drink water and stretch my legs along with their sheep and goats, and my favorite, right in my neighborhood 4 hours after the sun came out, a raccoon  darted in front of me. Raccoons should only be seen at dusk, night  or dawn, not during the day. Something must be wrong with it.

I did a lot of planting yesterday so my garden is starting to shape up. Later I had a late lunch/early dinner with a friend. Tasty.

Update: Hundred thousandth visitor came about an hour after I posted this. Someone from Reno who just stumbled upon this blog looking for photos of pink phlox

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