Saturday, May 17, 2014

Thyme to travel

What should I see?
A good portion of yesterday was spent plotting our escape. Since I am trying to use reward points, it was frustrating since there is maybe one seat per flight and depending on the circumstances, required widely differing amount of miles. And then we couldn't find seats for Steve on the same flight, the prices kept changing every time we refreshed the screen, on and on but finally we got something that will sort of work even though we will end up taking different flights but will arrive at our destination within hours of each other.
Ah travelling on a budget...
Steve initially was exploring package deals but of course, I think I can do way better cobbling an itinerary on my own for much less. But where will we go? We have the tickets for the  jumping off place but the world is wide open from there. Plenty of time to fill in the details....
A hint for our beginning (based on it seemed to be the cheapest place to fly)
Yeah I been there before but Steve hasn't
And today's riddle:
Thyme on my hands (though it isn't my thyme as my variegated thyme finally died after faithfully popping up for 8 years in my rock garden, not my hands either)

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