Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Take cover immediately!

This was just the first of 3 or 4 tornado warnings yesterday
During my run yesterday, it began to drizzle  and then thunder. I ran closer and closer to home in case there was lightning. The drizzle didn't bother me given how hot and humid it was. In the afternoon, the real fun began with sirens going on and off for 2 hours. The deal is that anytime a funnel cloud is spotted, even at high elevation on radar anywhere in the county, a warning ensues for the whole county even if hardly anyone is in its path. This occurred right before Maya's school was to be let out. Down to the basement for her and her schoolmates. She was there for more than 2 hours as new storms kept cropping up.

Although the first storm barely touched the north border of our county, it was headed right for where Josh lives. Where was he? Driving Allie home from daycare, completely unaware that he was supposed to be huddled in a basement. Then new cells sprouted up that were headed our way. I guess a few funnel clouds were spotted but not in Ann Arbor. No one got hurt but the flooded roads caused some accidents.

I have yet to see a tornado though a few have come close to us. Josh got to see one close up 2 years ago when it destroyed a block of houses less than half of a mile from him. He was trying to outrun it in his car. I was in sunny Boston at the time waiting for Tessa to be born.

In between storms, I got my nails done at a new, fancy place. They even had special pink Panda chairs for kids' mani-pedis.
My nails:
And we will have a repeat performance with the weather this afternoon. So out I went for a run and a bike ride. Weird sight:
Donkey was on a overpass

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