Monday, May 12, 2014

A Perfect Mother's Day

Started with a 25.5 mile bike ride to Independence Lake

Flowers from the kids. Got some nice presents and cards too.

Like that Scottish moss

Exercise ball was a big hit for the 4 older kids

I love Oliver's smile

Maya's aunt had braided her hair earlier

The adult table. Julie's father joined us

doing push-ups

Brought the Ziggle and the balance bike. Oliver was especially good on the ziggle

Allie woke up after dinner. Her hat was Naomi's

My grandbaby rainbow

How to get 5 kids to look in the same direction

Even harder when you throw 7 adults into the mix
It was supposed to rain but if it did, it was in the middle of the night. I rode out to Independence Lake, site of my first biathlon in which I got 'lost' in the water. A very pretty ride though it involves travelling on dirt roads, some of which are in better shape than the paved roads; others washboardy. When it is is sunny and riding through the woods, one has to play "shadow or pothole". Fortunately on the way back, the sun hid behind clouds so I had no shadows to confuse me. Even though I had stronger head winds than tail winds (the opposite of last week), I felt strong so yay for that. Still I didn't cover even half the distance of the first day of the Michigander, which will be 58 miles.

I brought the balance bike and the Ziggle to Josh's. New sidewalks, a courtyard to ride, a new sub nearby that has the streets blocked off: a good place to ride. Unfortunately neither Daniel or Maya was very adept with the balance bike. The Ziggle was much more fun. Even Tessa wanted a turn though she had trouble understanding that she had to wiggle to get it going. What she would do is say Wiggle, wiggle. The kids spent a good portion of our dinner rolling on top of a balance ball down the hill in Josh's backyard. It was fun watching them all have fun together with very little tears. Tessa jumped right in roughhousing with the older kids, a tough little girl.

Allie joined us after dinner all pretty and smily. I am so blessed.

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This is such a joyous and glorious bunch of pictures!


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