Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Orange is the new red

Scenes from Memorial Day: Daniel about to receive an Allie nose kiss

Happy in pink
Recently, I was reading a review of Latin for Bird Lovers.The book explains how misleading some names are: bald eagles are not bald but piebald (which means having a white patch), godwits mean good to eat but they are not tasty at all, and my favorite: robin red breast. The reason they are called 'red' when they are not is that allegedly the color orange was not named until the 16th century. I assume there were no orange trees where there are robins but sunsets, wild lilies? They had no word to describe the color orange?

Yesterday our 8 direct descendants were here ( along with 2 spouses). We need a bigger table. Very fun to see the kids all playing together. We are blessed with very cute grand babies.

Muggy and stormy today. At least I didn't need to water my new plants. I tried a new nail place today. I presumed it would be Indian because all the businesses in its strip mall are (including Curry Pizza, I kid you not) but it was Chinese. Less expensive than the Ann Arbor places. The did a good job but the color wasn't what I had hoped it would be. I wanted orange and instead, it is more red.

my nails

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