Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Own Private Vegas

Yesterday I finally felt that I was productive. It helped that Steve was gone for 16.5 hours so I could throw things in the trash without him second guessing me. Better yet, today is garbage day so he wouldn't have had time to recover things from the trash (this has happened before). So the house its a bit lighter.

And  I made a huge dent with the patio pruning the geraniums, reinstalling my solar lights, putting new ones up, and cleaning things up. Still more to do but when I came back late at night, all was aglow. I should have taken a photo right then but that will have to wait until tonight. And from a distance, a hummingbird was at my feeder.

And what to do with that Costco chicken carcass? No one around here eats dark meat. All was converted to soup stock, enough for two big batches of soup.

A huge storm rolled in this morning saturated the ground with torrential rains so some of my stuff fell over. Fortunately nothing broke. I am waiting for the sun to dry things out so I won't get sopping wet from the puddles when I eventually ride my bike.

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