Saturday, May 24, 2014

Camelopardalids were a bust

I did get around to planting some stuff yesterday. A poppy

Bugle weed, creeping phlox and snow in summer
Last night a spectacular meteor shower was predicted. Skies were clear; alarm set for 2:30 am for the peak of 1000/ hour but again, I did not see a single one. Viewing is not ideal around my house. Lots of big trees, my own private Vegas on the patio, lots of street lights but still I could see lots of stars, just no meteors. And the alarm awoke me from a sound sleep. I figured I'd be up around that time anyway as I usually am but not last night. And then, I couldn't get back to sleep.

So I have yet to see anything in a meteor shower despite all my years on earth I did have a meteorite land near me about 15 years ago in Manistique, Michigan  and have seen a few falling stars now and again but never when they are predicted to come.

The weather has been beautiful. Lots of biking, running and planting of flowers here. Naomi has been dating a promising young man recently. She texted me his name and address in case she showed up missing. Hope this works out though it makes me nervous her dealing with men as she is so naive.

On Memorial day, I will have all the kids here. Until then,I need to rest. 

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