Saturday, May 10, 2014

The high cost of false alarms

Again photos have nothing to do with the subject: candy stripe spreading phlox in rock garden Also have lavender and bright pink phlox

Costco tulips which are actually purple and white. Dark purple does NOT photograph true

First thing to bloom: primroses (thanks mk) Finally my old primroses bloomed too.
Six months ago (?!!!!) a new lesion appeared near my scar tissue on the screening mammogram (the screening instantly morphed into a 'have to pay for it" mammogram plus a whole bunch of high resolution mammograms ensued. Now if I were anyone else, they'd say, let's see what this looks like in 6 months but since I have had TNBC, it could have come back and grow very quickly so no time to wait. At the time, they made it sound like it was cancer and I was told to do genetic counseling and quickly have a biopsy. They would have done it that week if it weren't for my aspirin taking. I get a biopsy the next week though it was clear that the radiologist doing the procedure thought she was on a wild (but extremely expensive goose chase) and the lab results proved her right. Over the next 2 months, I got a whole series of bills, lots of them. I assumed they were finished billing me but no, yesterday, I get a bill from the hospital itself for a huge bill,way more than all of them put together. Six months later!!!!!! Of course, we filed our taxes a month ago. As all the co-pays put together along with all of Steve's dental procedures took a huge chunk of our income. So now we need to file an amended  return with our newly expanded 'medical deduction'. Steve wanted me to call to complain how bad their timing is. I assume complaining to a clerk in the billing department will get me no where but someone there needs to know that bills need to be billed in a timely fashion. And the insurance company reimbursed them back in January so why the lag?

So if University of Michigan Hospital has bots, fix your billing department stat!!!!!!!!!

I am no stranger to delayed billing by the medical field (every other service bills promptly). My favorite bill was from the attending physician in charge of my dying father. Beyond calling me in the middle of the night to tell me that my father's heart stopped, I never heard from him again until 6 months later when he billed the estate (c'est moi!)for his services. Boy I loved writing that letter! In it, I reminded him that my father had died under his 'care', which he may have forgotten. Then I said something snarky about how he must not read the Oakland County Legal News in which it was published how claimants have 3 months to present their claims. After that, c'est effing dommage. Who does read the Oakland County Legal News? other lawyers I guess. When I dutifully posted the opening of my mother's estate, I got a zillion calls from lawyers offering their services. Well obviously I had done the heavy lifting already.

But that won't work in this case because I am alive. It was perfect out today. Cool but sunny. Good for biking, running, gardening and just sitting outside watching the world go by. How can I be crabby?
And last night, just sitting watching the birds (the swifts just came back from Peru), the setting sun making all my glass pretties aglow and then my own private Vegas with a friend drinking wine and laughing about this and that.

And tomorrow, all my precious ones will be in one place.

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Caroline said...

Lovely pictures.... I feel so badly about the bills from the hospital! That is just crazy. Can't you get better insurance coverage some how?


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