Monday, May 5, 2014

May the 4th be with you! (though it's passed)

Or at last not against you.
Ceiling of Alhambra taken by my traveling niece in Granada, Spain
With the cold, windy, rainy weather lately, it has been difficult to get a long bicycle ride in. Yesterday morning I was in luck. Although strong winds were yet again forecasted, very early morning, they were largely absent. By the time I turned around during my longest ride yet of the season, they popped up but were now on my back. Perfect timing. Yep the 4th was with me.

One night last week, we had a very intense storm. The winds were so strong that they lifted a 30 lb stone tile on Josh's patio table and dashed it to the ground. We saw his family later yesterday, Allie as cute as ever. Her latest tricks: rocking to music, throwing balls and everything else, and clapping.

Later Maya came over and she practiced her ziggling skills outside.

Flashdance Flashback: Recently there was an article bemoaning the lack of skilled tradespeople, specifically welders. Welders are so rare these days that they command salaries of up to 150K in the Midwest. Hmm..could this be something Naomi could do? She does have good hand eye co-ordination and the program couldn't be that difficult. My favorite welder? The flashdance girl: welder by day; booty shaker by night. She  had promised her granny that she was going to be a ballerina despite not having the funds for formal training (welding must not have paid so much in the 80s). But certainly the Pittsburgh Ballet could recognize her raw talent? Awesome booty shaking to "Oh What a Feeling!" ensues.....
Downside to welding? Toxic metal fumes...

Someday my prince will come or Romeo, oh Romeo, where art thou Romeo? I was told early on that this strategy for economic stability was off the table for me due to my predicted lack of attractiveness, I would never land a husband. Thus it was up to me to support myself but on the plus side 'at least you aren't an idiot'. I would counsel young women everywhere to become self-sufficient, relying on ones good looks has its downsides (like being trapped in an abusive marriage such as my mother was). Recently Naomi has begun to date someone with some economic stability with the name of a famous Shakespearean character (with the accent on a different syllable). Could this be the answer? Way too early to tell.
More Alhambra. I skipped Granada on my Spain trip as it was not convenient to get to

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