Friday, May 23, 2014


Josh's family
The Germans are quite inventive with their compound words: schadenfreude being my favorite (joy in others misfortunes) but it turns out English has a few of its own. Recently I came across 'humblebrag' though I can't remember if it was a verb (most likely) or a noun. It was new to me. Did the writer just make it up? Turns out it has been in general use for at least a few years but new to me.

Can I be accused of humblebragging? Probably.

A beautiful, cool day here. I should be planting flowers. Already I let the lobelia get too dry I did fix the damage Steve did to my bike though he should have done it for me. When I complained, he said to just take it to the 'shop'. Um......

Tomorrow summer officially begins here with the opening of the pools. I bought some goggles in anticipation of swimming laps which I haven't done in 23 years. I used to be able to swim farther than I could run.

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