Friday, May 9, 2014


We sat on the porch eating strawberries and hummus

85 degrees! We went from polar vortices to summer just like that. Too warm. But it was nice sitting on the patio last night trying to repair damage the squirrels did biting through wires of my solar light strings (success with the first string!!!), sipping my wine and watching the hummingbird (so far only one and he's kind of shy). Silly Sue. I decided to make matzoh ball soup on the warmest day so far but it was good. Naomi decided that riding a bike might make for a good workout. She hasn't touched the bike in 9 years when we did our last ride together.

But when warm, unstable air hits the cold front, storms ensue, which was the case this afternoon.I watched Miss Tess this morning while Shanna attended a Mother's Day Tea with Daniel. Shanna's subdivision is trying to get people to connect more by having little private lawns but lots of public space, houses close together and front porches versus patios (though most people end up building one of those too). Before the storm hit, it was nice sitting on the porch watching the world go by. I did bring the Ziggle for Daniel to try out. He enjoyed it for awhile. I think Oliver will like it better.

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