Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The return of the hummingbird

The geranium that attracted the hummingbird through the glass. Note pile of solar lights on the other side of the glass. Still haven't fixed these up yet.
Steve saw our male hummingbird yesterday trying to get at my geraniums through the patio glass. He must be desperate as so little is in bloom. Generally the hummingbirds ignore the geraniums despite their brightness. And it never got much above 50 yesterday, fine for running but not much else. As soon as I heard about the hummingbird , I started making nectar for the feeders. I didn't see them used yet. And since we presumably have turned the corner on the coldness, some of the geraniums were dragged outside. They did well this year over the winter with plenty of blooms.

I am an election day widow again. A special election was called with only one issue: more funding for the city buses, which to me seem largely empty. Why couldn't they wait until there was people to be elected or more issues? Such a waste, though I guess a hundred in our pockets as Steve is working the election today. And if we are really lucky (hope, hope, hope) we might get a bonus of free mulch from the city grinding all of our yard waste.

It is early now as Steve needed to open the polls at 6 am. All I needed to do was press a button for coffee.

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