Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Virgin Killer

Got up early in the rainy fog to purchase 2 more baskets from the Farmer's Market.
Except for a few perennials to fill in my rock garden, I am done

One of my container gardens. Needs to fill in a bit. It should look better in 2 weeks or so

And by virgin killer I mean the nut job who killed because he was frustrated by being a virgin, virgin status of victims unknown. He couldn't believe that women were not throwing themselves at him.

In the middle of the night, I actually skimmed through his 141 page manifesto detailing all the wrongs he allegedly suffered. Could this been prevented? Is it his parents' fault? Did he discuss his plans with his psychiatrist? Why do kids grow up the way that they do? He seemed to have everything going for him.

The whole incident reminded me of the movie A Beautiful Boy, which dealt with the aftermath of a college student mass killing his classmates but never showed the killer or discussed his motives. All the parents could say was he was quiet, vaguely unhappy, and aloof and as a child, he was physically beautiful. The media descended upon the parents like locusts trying to figure out what monsters they must be to have produced such a monster. They were forced into hiding.

From this kid's rantings, it was obvious that his parents were bending over backwards to please him. But they couldn't make other kids like him, no matter how hard they tried (and they tried hard).. My favorite part of his biography was him ranting how selfish his mother was for not attracting richer men to marry so he would have even more money at his disposal. As it was, she gave him a BMW to drive and first class accommodations on European vacations. She also gave him unlimited computer time (the step mom tried to keep it under an hour a day). 

To me, he was an obvious schizophrenic with all his delusions about people laughing at him for being a virgin. But could his killing spree have been prevented?

No  one needs to have an automatic weapon. Yeah he killed the first 3 without them. I just hate the thinking behind the NRA. Deer hunters can use shot guns to kill deer; hey don't need assault rifles. Although the parents could not have predicted the killing spree, he at least sounded like a candidate for suicide. And with his anger towards women and even his little brother, his psychiatrist should have put him on the mentally ill list.

Was there any hope for him? I feel for his parents and most of all I feel for the parents who lost their children to this nut case and  the easy accessibility of weapons.

And news of yet another Pakistani honor killing of a daughter  in broad daylight, with plenty of cheering on-lookers and absolutely no interference from the powers that be. It makes me so sad that some cultures are so evil. 

I am waiting for threat of thunderstorms to go away so I can bike.

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Kat&Chris said...

What a jarring contrast between the beauty and peace of your flower gardens and the unpleasant realities of today's news.
best to you,


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