Monday, May 26, 2014

Muguet des Bois

lily of the valley  There is a 20 foot row of them near my patio. They belong to the neighbor
These are difficult to photograph with an iphone but  I am too lazy to bring out the good camera


Ah the fragrances of May. I run out into the country and am treated with honeysuckle and apple blossoms.
On and adjacent to my patio are the lilies of the valley, purple petunias, stock and lilacs. So wonderful in the evening!

Muguet des Bois was an Avon fragrance  that as a teenager that I bought with the very little money I had. I would smell wonderful for about an hour. It did not last long.

Later today, we will have all the babies and grandbabies here. How to fit them all in comfortably?

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