Friday, May 16, 2014

My husband is losing his senses

We don't have as many blooms this year on our lilacs. I did bring some inside as they smell so pretty
Taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch. Of the five senses, only sight and touch remain relatively intact for Steve. The first two are closely related. I assume he can tell the differences between salty and sweet but beyond that, not much. When I first started work in the pilot plant, now 38 years ago, I noticed that two of the old timers had no sense of smell. Could this be a by-product of our work? As for hearing, Steve grew up next to extremely loud trains. Maybe that destroyed his hearing.

So the fragrance of my lilacs will be lost on him.

Finally it is dry but cold. It was in the high thirties when I went for my run this morning but given all the running in the polar vortices I did this year, not a problem.

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Holly said...

As long as Steve doesn't lose his 'sense' all should be well!!


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