Friday, May 2, 2014

Let's ziggle!

Maya on the ziggle. You move by twisting your body. Good for ages 3-8 though Tessa had fun just pushing herself on it
Still loves the garage sale Little Tykes Police car
Over the years, I amassed quite a bit of toys from garage sales to amuse the grandkids when they are over. I rarely buy anything new unless it is for them to take home. I had bought most of this stuff before when I had kids and then gave it all away, I hate to buy new again.

This week, I bought two new riding toys that will be good right now for Daniel and Maya: the Ziggle pictured above (though Oliver might like it too) and a balance bike (which is being shipped). The balance bike has no pedals but the child can easily reach the ground to push off. It is a better segue to riding a 'real' bike than ones with training wheels.

It is like late March outside. Cold and gray. I did manage to plant 70 mini glads in the soggy soil after my run. Along with the freshly planted lilies and phlox, my summer garden should be colorful. Now all that is in bloom is a few sorry forsythias, some of the primroses and my bedraggled hyacinths. Everything is at least a month behind.

Yesterday, Shanna and I went to many stores mainly to get ideas for a backsplash for her kitchen but to look at a few other fun things too. One little pretty I got for myself is this thermometer:

The little colored balls have tags on them indicating the temperature. If it is less than 64 (usual for our house a good portion of the year,, all of them will be floating towards the top. This summer, we should have a greater range of temps and the balls should fall

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