Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yoga Baby

Maya loves to imitate and seems especially fond of her great-aunt. She also is very flexible but maybe most little kids are.

It is the middle of the night again. What sent me into my den was to research the difference between a cold  and the flu. Has it started here yet, the flu season? Only one confirmed case in our county. However the flu is characterized by body aches, head aches and a high temperature. At worst, I have a slightly elevated temperature (haven't taken it but get lots of chills) but no aches. But I never have been so incapacitated by a cold. At most, I stop activities for a day. We are going on to Day 4. Where is my previously strong immune system?

I keep my distance from my mother-in-law. She certainly doesn't need this thing, whatever it is. At one point, I was going to be left alone with her and Maya while everyone else was going out to have fun. Uh..no. She needs to be helped here and there. Hard to do without touching her. I hear her now clumping around but tonight our hall is lit with flameless candles so she can see where she is going. At her assisted living place, she will occasionally call the front desk in the middle of the night to ask where she is.

So I stay home. My muscles are probably melting from inactivity. I am feeling somewhat better so maybe I can handle a walk today. It is supposed to be our warmest day...60 deg.

Throughout the day and night, Shanna, Naomi and Josh made visits along with some of their kids. After all had left and great grandma went to bed, we rewatched Breaking Bad episodes together though this is a first viewing for Steve. We are up to the middle of the second season Due to election day, no school for the kids today so we will see more of them. Tomorrow, all fly home.

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