Saturday, November 2, 2013

How would you like to spend a night in jail?

Well we are.

On an impulse, I purchased a Living Social deal to an old jail that has been converted into a B&B. Inside the jail, is a  Drunk Tank, which makes wine, which a bottle of it is included in our deal. I am hoping that since this place is south of here in Indiana, there will still be some fall colors. It is located in Parke County Indiana known as the Covered Bridge Capital of the MidWest. I've stayed nearby before in Turkey Run State Park which is beautiful. Hopefully in late fall, it still is.Years ago, I went on a week long bike ride that went from state park to state park in Southern Indiana which for the record is hillier than hell.

It is the Middle of the Night. I can not sleep. I stripped the bedding off my back-up bed in anticipation of my mother-in-law's visit TODAY. She is scheduled to leave Seattle 7 am (PDT) with my sister-in-law. Flying makes her very nervous so it will be 50-50 if she actually will be on that plane. My brother-in-law will be flying in from New York later in the day.

Steve's mom flew here once for Shanna's wedding 6 years ago. She passed on Josh and Naomi's. She has only seen one great-grand child (Oliver) who flew with us when he was one. As she is 89, there probably won't be many opportunities to see the grand children and their kids here.

Since I've had grand babies, I seem to catch whatever is going around. I have this annoying cough that started as a scratchy throat a few days ago. Nights are the worst as I feel like I am coughing a lung out. Steve has it too so if I do by some small chance fall asleep, I  am treated to his hackathon. Aside from that, I don't feel bad and have been doing at least one work out of some sort each day.

Last night I had Ms. Allie. I don't think I am contagious (five days after symptoms appeared) but to be safe, I had Naomi do all the handling of her. After she had been fed and changed, Allie just stared and cooed at light patterns on our ceiling. She now smiles more consistently..a very pretty baby.

A picture off the web site of  one of their rooms. A bit small. I opted for a suite plunking down another $10.

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