Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cowbird Moms

Mama cowbird checks the area for nests with eggs. Once the 'good' mama bird vacates the nest for a bit, mama cowbird swoops in and lays her own egg sometimes pushing the existing eggs out. That is it for motherhood. Off she flies.  The foster mother apparently can't tell the difference between her eggs and the new egg. Baby cowbird is usually more aggressive and larger than its nestmates so it is first to be fed. The cowbird species gets to continue with very little effort on the part of the parents.

The megacompany that took us over was like a cowbird mom. It wasn't too successful doing things for itself but it could sniff out what others have done, buy them up and push the workers out. Not nice but effective.

Back to November drabness. After a run, on to the dentist to have the final fitting for a crown. As he was scraping off the temporary cement, he hit a nerve. I wouldn't let him continue until I was numbed even though he said 90% of people don't need it at this point. I guess I am part of the 10% of whiners who do. I can put up with a lot but dental pain is something I won't.

On Tuesday and Thursdays, I have my Livestrong class. I showed up only to deal with the weight machines for a bit and skipped the group activities as I am still hacking away. It turns out I did infect my mother-in-law and sister-in-law though no word about the brother-in-law. Hopefully they get a much milder version such as what Steve has.

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