Friday, November 22, 2013

Can you write your name in the snow?

The above is a question my husband is asked every year at his physical. He hasn't tried but he supposes he can.

There is a rule of thumb about prostate problems: the percentage of men who have them is numerically equal to their age. So at  60, chances are he has them..but he doesn't.

A long time ago I was asked if I had frequent urination (one of the many symptoms of Graves' Disease). I asked the young doctor to define what that meant. He amended the question to whether I ever had to get up at night. Doesn't everyone?

No. That's not normal. (Do they ever say what is normal in med school/)

But he was very young. I knew plenty of people who got up without having Graves' Disease.

These photos are about 70 years apart of Steve's mom

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