Saturday, November 9, 2013

Low November Sun

Ce l'heure d'or. Sounds like cellar door.
When the sun does show up this time of year, it is low and the Golden Hour effect
 lasts much longer. Unfortunately that time had passed by the time I returned to the site of my earlier run but when I passed the apple tree earlier, the sun hit the still wet from frost and dew yellow leaves just right. The apples were so red. The tree was a thing of beauty not captured just 40 minutes later. Same with the pond and the golden grasses. Oh well. I should run with the camera.

Due to very warm weather in March last year that made the blossoms come out too early only to be killed in a frost, we had no apples. This year some how the apple trees know to double their efforts so lots of apples, so many in fact trees are splitting due to the weight of too much fruit. This apple tree is on the road easement. No one planted it there. Must be from animal droppings or a discarded apple thrown from a car.

I hear that anyone who has been in the same room with me is now sick except maybe Allison. So much for my theory that adults don't get as many colds because they have had every variation of the cold virus over the years. I have been around many people with colds over the years and remained cold free. But this one must be a new virus with 100% infectivity. Now it will spread through New York and Seattle.

It will pass except for a nagging cough.

We will be off to spend a night in jail later next week in the county with 31 covered bridges.

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