Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Great-grandma/Not so great grandma

Our last dinner together. Daniel still won't look at the camera

They are gone now, back to Seattle and New York. It was a good visit. Great-grandma 
enjoyed seeing her great-grandbabies for the first, maybe for the last time. It would be 
hard for the kids to make their way to Seattle though maybe Josh, Julie and Allie could go.

The not so great grandma would be myself. I was in charge of walking my mother-in-law
 to the curb after dinner for Josh to pick us up. He seemed to be taking a while so I had
 her sit on a nearby bench. Unfortunately it was very low to the ground. She had made
 it to a sitting position but suddenly she toppled over forwards  to the ground, scary as
 she is so frail. She seemed confused and shaken but not harmed. Several bystanders 
came to our aid. Had to listen to lots of the blame game after that. As it turned out, her
 shoes were on the wrong feet and she had a couple of glasses of wine.

We all went out to breakfast earlier in the day, except for Josh's family (he was working)
 and my brother-in-law who likes to sleep until noon. Later, after dinner, one of the Moms 
came over whose daughter used to go to school in NYC so she would stay with
my mother-in-law since there was no room in her daughter's dorm for her. She 
brought the other moms with her on various trips.

So it was fun watching the kids interact. Maya is much more verbal now and loves to
 boss Tessa around.
Josh thinks his frustration with Allie will pass (she cries and he has no idea how to make
 her stop) once she is verbal. He thinks the first words out of her mouth will be an 
expression of gratitude for all that he has done for her. More likely, a list of how
 he fell short on various occasions.

I am calling this the Ground Hog's Day cold. Each day I wake up hopeful that the
 symptoms will have gone away and it feels like a brand new cold instead. It really 
made our family visit less enjoyable plus the onus of possibly spreading this crud to
 them. And I just sounded disgusting hacking away and having to blow my nose. 

I finally went running today though not so far. Since all this rest hasn't stopped the 
cold in its tracks, I figured at least part of me would feel better. I really feel antsy
 when I can't exercise in some way.

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