Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No Time to Wallow

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.
 The Godfather

I did my wallowing yesterday. And as I think about it, which again is way too much, it is probably nothing. The biopsy is scheduled on the 5th anniversary of me receiving my first chemo. I went through a dry run of it yesterday because they were afraid that given my breasts, they might not be able to do it 'the easy way'. What's so special about my breasts? Well despite my sexagenerian self, I have breasts of  a much younger woman meaning that they are  dense, hard to see things in a mammogram. They were afraid that the target area, thankfully small, would not be visualized. But they think they can do it so that is a bit of good news.

But no time to wallow. Tomorrow Shanna is having her BIGGEST THANKSGIVING EVER!!! 
She has invited all of us and even more of her in-laws. There will 35 people or so at her house. The guests are bringing all the side dishes. So that she can prepare in peace, I have her kids today. Meanwhile I am to transform my house into a X-mas wonderland by Saturday for our Moms party. Our nine foot tree is up, good thing we have cathedral ceilings but it needs decorating. I plan to have Oliver and Daniel help with that this morning. Last year Oliver put up a small area of ornaments just a few feet from the ground but I am hoping his range has expanded. This is our first fake tree, obtained on after X-mas quick sale. Steve has never appreciated the trees and hated the mess the natural ones caused so this is our compromise.

And I have ingredients on hand for the side dishes for both the Moms and Shanna's. Main dish Saturday TBD. Naomi has agreed to make ambrosia, Sue style, for tomorrow and will assemble things here today also.

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