Sunday, November 3, 2013


Josh has been entertaining his Brazilian co-worker and his wife. He took them to Ann Arbor the other day. What were they the most impressed with? Squirrels. The campus is full of huge elm trees which in turn are full of squirrels. The students feed them so they often come right up to people. None in Brazil. Actually there seemed to be few of them in Europe though I saw a few ratty ones in London.
On our property we have two kinds: the enormous fox  squirrels which now are unbelievably fat and the tiny but aggressive red squirrels.

A few weeks I planted a bunch of tulip bulbs. Silly squirrels must have watched me doing this. It wasn't long after I found out they dug most, if not all of them out for a nice snack or maybe they are buried in their nests. Same with the 90 Dutch iris bulbs in which I have nothing to show for my efforts.

It is beautiful out today but I decided that maybe exercising with my cold is prolonging it. I cough all night. Yesterday I felt so awful. Steve's brother, sister and mother are staying with us. Yesterday we were at Shanna's most of the day. Today we will be at Josh's. It is so wonderful to be with family. Pictures later.

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