Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Covered Bridge Capital of the World!

Are there covered bridges outside of the US? Yes indeed. I photographed this one myself in Bath England

In a few days, Steve and I will be off to spend a night in jail in the self-proclaimed  covered bridge capital of the world. I am suspicious of these claims especially after I read in the Multnomah Falls Visitor center (will I ever be able to pronounce it?) that I was viewing the SECOND TALLEST WATERFALL IN THE US!!! (first being in Yosemite). Later I read that Multnomah Falls wasn't even in the top two hundred. Washington State has a hundred alone taller (though I never saw any of these excepting that Twin Peaks town falls).

But back to the claim. Are there even covered bridges any place else in the world? Yup. Alot in Quebec alone and China of all places. Switzerland has quite a few too. Parke County (where we are headed) has 31; Lancaster County PA has only 29 though the state has more covered bridges than any other state. Vermont has the highest covered bridge density but I think they have tiny counties so a given county won't have as many bridges. We even have a few in Michigan. On our very first Michigander, Josh (only ten) and I rode across one near Centerville Michigan.

Crappy Snow!! First that I saw of the season. I hope it will melt soon.

Yesterday was devoted to shopping..

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