Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hair today

I do like my hairdresser, an interesting lady who now operates from her country home rather than a downtown Ann Arbor salon. She raises chickens. The eggs from the bantam hens are exactly half the size of the full sized chickens. She is a Goth/Mormon currently with multicolored hair. We always have good conversations while she deals with my hair..
But I hate my haircut this time. Much, much too short. It looks similar to what I was sporting as a 2 year old with micro bangs. Not a good look. The cancer peeps say it looks cute but...

I guess it will grow. The color is OK.

After 2 phone calls, I finally straightened out the mammogram code. Still if they see something suspicious, back to the $1000 scan. In the past, they took scans at multiple angles to line up the scan with the one the year before. I had a 5-6 cm lump that further tests indicated was a seroma. About a month after the last scan, 4 years after the seroma had formed, it burst in the middle of the night. So the scan should show that it is gone.

A cloudy day. Running in the morning, lifting weights in the afternoon and then a nice visit with a friend. And I bought another outing for Steve and me for when I go stir crazy.

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