Monday, November 4, 2013

Great Grandma photos

Hard to get 5 kids look in the same direction

Great Grandma Terry is thrilled to met all her grands even though she was extremely nervous about the plane ride here. Also she is easily confused in the middle of the night in our house despite the nightlight. She just turned 89. Even though she is in good health, she is becoming frailer and frailer. She needs a walker to go more than a few feet. She is also getting to see the grand kids' new houses; Shanna's on Saturday and Josh's on Sunday. Yesterday we had Grandma Terry's 3 kids, 3 grand kids, 5 great-great kids with a few assorted spouses, 12 people all together, running around. Chaos. And there are more spouses, more grandkids and step grand kids elsewhere. She seemed to enjoy it especially with the wine.

As for myself, I observed all from a safe distance. I am sick again. What is going on with me? I am rarely sick. I didn't even get anything while on chemo. Two weeks ago, the strep throat, a week in which I was healthy, then this mild but annoying cold ad now a new cold which made me feel just awful for he past 2 day. I finally slept last night with out waking too much. I have to keep an ear out for great grandma as Steve is deaf and Steve's brother sleeps with ear plugs. She got lost again during the ten foot walk to the bathroom.

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Holly said...

What a joy, but so awful that you are sick! Great Grandma's hair looks like it could withstand a tornado!!


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