Friday, November 8, 2013

Gagliano Aterno

Not the poster from our year in 2008. Wish I had ripped down one of the many in town. I am glad that
Dave the Maremma sheepdog  seems to be alive here

Below: all scenes from Gagliano where I stayed in a monastero for almost 6 weeks. As 
I am having problems editing images again, the very top image is our clothes drying
 arrangement in the back courtyard. The air is very dry there and everyone hangs out clothes
 to dry

Procession for San Martino festival

The castle from the main parking lot. The three arched structure is the town's
water source.
It's been flowing for 1000 years. Tastes good

Chapel in the town castle containing the skeleton of Saint Florenza
Dave the Maremma who followed me on my runs trying to herd me back
into town

Little speck is a parachuter

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