Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chokladkrokant Bredbar

Stuffed timber rattle snake complete with tail that really rattles
Swedish name: Ilsken

The real thing off my bike trail in Maryland. As I was unwilling to sacrifice my foot to provide a scale to measure them, you have to take my word that they were huge
Off to IKEA yesterday scouting for gifts. The title refers to this chocolate-crunch caramel spread we bought. We had Ms. Maya with us. She loves the stuffed animals there but wasn't sure about the snake and refused to ride in the cart with it. She was more comfortable with the bear below:
They had a bunch of cute hats she tried on. My favorite, the bean blossom one:
Also purchased: a very cute table lamp that will fit right in with our purple and orange bedroom (yeah really) and some X-mas decorations. Due to diverse travel plans, X-mas will be celebrated in just one week by the Moms at my house.

And then off to some hard cider tasting with a friend going through a X-mas parade to get there.

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