Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Biking in the cold....

One more month left of disappearing sun but for today, we have sun. So despite the windchill of 24 degrees out I went.
Ann Arbor is surrounded by a greenbelt of farms. Young farmers lease the land and so far, are doing quite well. This is one of their barns

Actually I took this last week. I said that apples are overproducing this year to make up for last year's no crop. These are crabapples getting in on the act too.

Well not is all prosperous on my route

Country church which is the sole source of traffic on weekends. I try to avoid it when services are letting out.
It's a balancing act weighing more cold and less wind with later on when it is warmer yet windier. Parts of me were overdressed; other parts froze notably my ears, knees and toes. But it was good to be on the bike on such a sunny day. The strong east wind portends rain tomorrow. I can tolerate much more cold while running but I think 30 degrees is the absolute lowest number I can stand biking.

I am afraid of slipping in the doldrums. I had a nice long talk today with Soulmate which cheered me up.

Also sources of pleasure:
From last week. Mission impossible  is having all 3 look at me.

babies are easier

Josh sent me this of Allie's first laugh

I was going through old pictures. Turns out I had gone to an Indiana covered bridge before. This one is in Bean Blossom, Indiana (love the name). This was about 10 years ago before Naomi even hit puberty (and now has a 3 year old). Below that is Steve and his siblings during the same time.

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