Sunday, November 17, 2013

Out of jail

I decided to get a run in early the next morning. It seemed to take forever for the sun to come out. I ran through the city for a while until it was light enough to run through the woods. Lots and lots of deer. Unfortunately, Hoosiers let their dogs run loose so I was followed by menacing dogs on several occasions.
funky breakfast cafe

Included in our stay was a breakfast voucher for the Jail House Cafe. It didn't cover much but fortunately the coffee was very, very good and the internet actually worked. So yay!

So back to tracking down those bridges with our handy map. When we were getting gas, Steve left his wallet ( I can it his man purse) on top of the car. He realized this about a half mile later. It didn't seem to be in the road. Back to the gas station to see if it was there or if anyone turned it in. No. Then to slowly go down the road again. Not there. We did see a pick-up truck where we had turned around (in an unopen business). Hmmm. Then the pick-up truck followed us honking and flashing its lights. Yeah they found it. So there are some good pick-up drivers out there. Yay them. And yay me for not whining to Steve on how I knew this would happen some day.

We tackled the area north of the town this time. We missed all those due east of us. Oh well, another trip.
A highlight for me was going by the Amish school during its recess. Lots of buggies parked nearby. I know they hate their photos being taken but I couldn't resist one taken from the car window:

The kids go to this school until 8th grade, then to work. Indiana has the highest percentage of Amish people per capita though PA and OH have more in absolute numbers. Then is NY then close is MI.

We ate a tasty lunch in Marshall, Under the Arch. It had a small bake goods store within. Sassafras jelly anyone? We did get some toffee fudge.

More bridges, these all were in Turkey Run State Park. I had been there twice before camping there when Naomi was a newborn and later on a weeklong bike ride. We stayed in various state parks in Southern Indiana (which for the record is hillier than hell unlike the northern half). The park is beautiful but this time we concentrated on the bridges. My favorite:
Then the slow ride home as I was avoiding Indy. Indiana has many little counties all with very elaborate courthouses in their county seats. Should have taken more photos. Michigan in contrast has very unimpressive courthouses. Ann Arbor is the county seat but it has a small drab courthouse even though its population is 20-fold or more than those Indiana counties.

A highlight: I thought I saw eagles in a corn field and asked Steve to drive back to them.
Are you sure they just aren't turkeys?
Well turkeys would have made more sense but I swear I saw white heads. This is where his camera came in handy. The first picture is what my iphone would have recorded. The next two have the telephoto lens.

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