Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivikuh!

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Let's see how many holidays we can mix together. The boys and my handiwork from yesterday
Shanna should be busy preparing stuff for our mega Thanksgiving as I type. I had the kids while she prepared yesterday. The boys helped decorate the tree. The rule was that only grandma got to put up the glass ornaments way up high beyond curious fingers. Is this glass? Question of the day. Their contributions  densely covered a small area of the tree. I redistributed things later. No angel tree topper this year..not on a 9 foot tree. I lit up all my lights around the area which Tess took great delight in. She loves pointing out and at lights. Daniel soon became bored. Oliver stuck it out longer though towards the end, it was ten more ornaments and then you can have the ipad.

While Tess slept and the boys enrapt with the ipad, I went for a brief run in the windy cold. Someone was out deep frying a turkey on their patio. Today looks even less inviting outside (snow on the roads!). Later Naomi came over to prepare her Thanksgivikuh contribution..ambrosia, food of the gods. In the past, I only made it on Thanksgiving due to its junkiness though with somewhat healthier updates. Fresh pineapple, mandarin oranges, coconut, marshmallows and vanilla yogurt (instead of sour cream). It is a kid favorite.

So what I am thankful for today despite the ill-timed cloud hanging over me? Most of all my family, my friends, near and far, my family's health and my health (except for that cloud). I am thankful that all the kids and grandkids live less than 20 miles from me and I get to see them so often.

Happy Thanksgivikuh to all!

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