Monday, September 2, 2013

Tout Passé

Tout passé

Tout cassé

Tout lassé

With Labor Day, summer is officially gone. I would love fall but it is the segue to winter.How quickly I fall into the doldrums!
Must keep busy....
A beautiful day for a long bike ride. My usual route was going to full of traffic due to some church fair so off to the newly paved road that heads towards Josh. I have a hybrid bike so bumps shouldn't bother me but it is so much nicer to ride on perfectly smooth roads. My strength is back sapped previously by that norovirus. The day before, a long run on the scenic beauty road. A neighbor biked by, You sure have a long range.
Kids all too busy to see us. Friends?
Back to projects. Made three books though some are just copies so I am not as productive as it might sound.
We sit on the patio watching the hummingbirds jostle for position. Cicadas are buzzing. I sip my gin and tonic; Steve is trying to photograph the hummers. .
Ms Alpha Hummingbird. From what we can tell, we have a flock of 5, three females and 2 males. This one likes to perch near the feeders (at this point a yard from where I am sitting) If the others come near the feeders, she gives chase

No males came to visit last night, just the 3 females


Kathy&Chris said...

Nice hummer shots, looks as if their wings are not beating.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

The wings are not beating. They are resting. We have a few shots of them with the wings beating but then they suddenly dart away so they are a blur.


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